This is me! Probably should get some proper shots done! I was on a Straight to the Source tour with chefs and industry professionals visiting farms that produce wonderful food.


“If it TASTES Gluten Free I DO NOT have it!” AJ ConjurupFood


A little bit about why Conjurup began!

Conjurup has evolved from a love of cooking.. And a desire to show the world that cooking should be easy and relaxing, NOT stressful. That everyone should be able to eat great food that is healthy. Starting with great provenance. People should know where there food comes from.

I relax when I cook, and cooking to me is a way to give love to those those who love food but whom I lov.e Also it’s a way for people who do not have the time, inclination or confidence to prepare guaranteed yummy meals to get them.


But how did I go from a Corporate BDM to this wonderful place?

On a whim, I entered the first series Masterchef for a bit of fun. In the initial audition I prepared a ceviche with a Polynesian twist recipe in videos. It was a hit and got me in front of Gary, George and Matt. In the next round I decided to try something different, so I went with a dry curry (fish) and served it with a wonderful caraway seed and pomegranate raita and fresh roti. You can imagine my delight when the guys tasted it and all three gave an unequivocal ‘yes!’ to my dish. They were delighted. They asked me where I’d got the recipe and how I had cooked it. I explained, that I had made it up and it had in fact, born from my laziness – I had cooked it in the oven!  “Well,”  they said, “it’s amazing. Can you do that sort of thing over and over?” and I said “yes!” And with that I was given my Masterchef apron. I had made it to the top 50 for Australia.

Matt later asked me if he could have the recipe, not once, but three times. Astonished and delighted that a renowned critic was asking for my recipe, I thought if he likes it and he wants the recipe then others would too. So, since then I have created, tried and tested various recipe mixes on many and varied people. To date, everyone has loved them and that is what I want everyone to share.

In the Sydney Metropolitan Area available for purchase ready made 4 Star Health Rated gluten free meals devoid of additives preservatives and indeed using meat with provenance. Also we have Gluten Free Pasta, Gluten Free Sweet Treats, Spices, Crumbs and Pesto. Outside fo Sydney metro all dry goods are available so Crumbs and Spice Mixes can be sent anywhere.


We have a section for Community buying groups? So if there are a group of you you can order in bulk and save $$$. You can pick up or have delivery if you are in the delivery area.


Recently we’ve launched a 4 star health-rated provenance driven paddock to plate range of gluten free ready to eat meals. The  Schottlanders Wagyu beef and the Mimosa Valley lamb coming directly from the grower., the chicken is free range and we have an amazing Vegetarian Lasagne. And we have launch a Gluten free home delivery service in Sydney. I will continue to speak as an advocate for consumers to recognise the importance of the provenance of the food we eat and promote fuss free healthy eating.

As well as the paddock to plate ready to go we have   spice mixes, breadcrumbs. With each mix you virtually have to do nothing – just choose the meat you want to cook add the spice and away you go.


This is an evolving process and there will be more products to come.  Join me in the Kitchen and let’s all be gourmet cooks. Or take advantage of my cooking expertise and just buy the already prepared dishes add a salad or some pasta or rice and a bottle of wine and Voila!

Happy Healthy Eating